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The best I can describe what I do on Friday mornings is “walkabout”. (Technically, drive about as I’m travelling in a van full of people). Basically, I snap a photo of whatever grabs my interest. Composition, lines, orthogonality, color, and so on catch the eye. Sometimes I crop too, to eliminate extraneous areas of an image.

For these galleries I decided to go with a traditional look. As Albuquerque has a very bright sun, all these photos were set to daylight exposure (5500°) except for those the camera determined were even brighter; those I left as is. Exposure adjustment was generally set to auto, except with a few manual tweaks here and there where I decide I could do better. Image tone was set to medium contrast. The end results give a very “filmic” look; what we would expect of a traditional film print. This make the colors of an image ‘pop’.

I’m pleased overall. I think I’ll continue to use these digital “develop” settings in the future.

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