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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here, and that means I need to change things. I’ve gotten the bug to work on website design and coding lately, and I’ve spent several days trying out new things. The old WordPress theme was just a little too visually overdone and I tried several changes with it, I tried modifying the theme a bit with Elementor but I still couldn’t get the look I was after. For now, I’m going to go with this simple theme and see where I can take it.

I hope to make some time in the future for my other hobbies, and time to blog about them as well. I’ve been neglecting them. I’m sure some of my Ham and GMRS friends are wondering where I’ve been for the last two weeks.

So it really means that I need to settle on a design theme so I can put this website design project to bed. I suppose I need to convince myself to go with what I have now – I can always change it again later. Most importantly, I need to feel comfortable blogging and adding content daily. We’ll see.

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