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The comma from Hell…

I pointed out in the previous post that breath marks were giving me hassles. They wind up forcing the MIDI output to insert an empty “ghost” measure. Here’s what I mean.

See that comma (breath mark), just before the twelve empty bars? My brain is screaming “WHY?” Jeebus, the engraver just caused MuseScore to insert a ghost measure into the MIDI output that will cause the bar numbers to be off by one!

Sure, we know that it’s a fault of MuseScore to do these “ghost” measures as breath marks aren’t supposed to affect the tempo, but even so – the players here are launching into twelve empty bars. If that isn’t enough time to catch one’s breath, I do not know what is. Why not just leave the damn breath mark out?

I’m sure some hidebound music purist/pinhead/stick-in-the-mud would quickly point out that the engraver here is merely trying to be as faithful as possible to the original manuscript – but that argument won’t fly. There’s more than a few errata notes in this score where the engraver cops to correcting some errors in the manuscript, so why not this? WHY NOT THIS! ARGH!

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