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Here’s the latest score I’m working with. It’s a violin concerto – meaning it has a violin soloist playing against a full orchestra. I’m sticking with MuseScore as a source for the scores I render, but I’m finding it easier to simply export them as MusicXML into other programs. In this case, I’m taking the converted score into Dorico, which is a way easier scoring application program than MuseScore. MuseScore has its benefits; it’s free, but it is a bit of a beast to operate. The attached file is a completely new engraving done by me in Dorico. It’s my freshman stab at laying out classical score by myself. Mostly I’ve stuck with default settings for engraving as they’re surprisingly good. The scores as they are engraved at MuseScore can have a crammed look to them as if they’re trying to get the most on the page that they can. That might be useful for a conductor’s score as they’re using it as a high-level guide, but not here. For me, musical scores are learning tools – readability is paramount.

I’ll have the rendered audio for this piece up in a few days.

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