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Chopin has the chops!

Frédéric Chopin – 1818 – Rondo à la Krakowiak in F Major, Op 14.

Krakowiak is a polish folk dance, and Frédéric Chopin composed this piece, Rondo à la Krakowiak for pianoforte and orchestra to honor it. Chopin was a virtuoso who expanded and demonstrated what could be done with his chosen instrument.

I really like the sound of the sampled Bosendorfer piano I used for this, it is very realistic.

I had some trouble working with this piece as the MuseScore source for it had a lot of hidden markings and notations, but I managed. It is free material; you just simply deal with the imperfections. Also, the bass and cello parts (like in the original manuscript) were written on the same staff, which may do for a composer’s score but not a player’s score.

I had to create the part for double bass from the cello for Dorico to play it correctly. Luckily, the original combined cello/bass staff had Vcl, and Bassi markings to indicate which instrument(s) are active, and the Bassi stuff appeared identical to the cello but one octave lower. Not too hard.

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