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Well, here we are, and it is not even December yet! Black Friday is here when music retailers both virtual and brick-and-mortar put forth their greatest deals and make a healthy portion of their profits for the year. This year I purchased Vienna Ensemble Pro – it helps me work more efficiently with large performances. Often, orchestral compositions go well over one hundred midi channels. If you count the audio returns and section buses needed also, it is not hard to go north of two hundred channels total. VE Pro allows me to better distribute that heavy process load.

It’s time for me to toss out the first pitch of the season.

Musical pitch, anyway.

Carol Of the Bells

I got my start in digital music over ten years ago resequencing midi Christmas music in Cakewalk SONAR. Since that time, I have learned many new techniques and have moved on to a more powerful sequencer and DAW: Cubase. These days, I am more likely to work directly with sheet music than with midi files. I use both MuseScore and Dorico to edit sheet music. From there, I can either render midi for use in Cubase, or I can render audio tracks from Dorico and bring them into Cubase for a final mix. I tend to do the latter technique as Dorico’s expression and articulation mapping are second to none. There’s no need to set up my musical libraries twice.

The composition is from MuseScore. Nicely done. Enjoy.

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