Manual Labor?

A photo gallery documenting my Antenna Project.

The Antenna Project is my efforts to install an HF end-fed half wave antenna in an inverted “Vee” fashion – to use with my IC-7300 HF amateur radio. You can see the antenna here. This is a wire antenna approximately 130 feet long. It’s a great choice for a beginning ham’s first antenna as it will cover the 80 thru 10 meter bands. That’s pretty much everything excepting the 160 and 6 meter bands. It has excellent performance.

To raise the center of the antenna wire to an appropriate height, I’m using what’s known as a push-up mast. As you can see from the prior link, the mast is intended to be guyed in place. That means I have to install anchors for the guy wire tiedowns – and I have dry, rocky soil to work with. So much fun….not.

Stay tuned for updates…


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