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Good news for GMRS

I haven’t been on the website in ages quite awhile and then I stumble upon this. Basically it’s an inquiry of the FCC concerning those annoying ‘squawk’ tones heard on some mobiles being used on GMRS. There are certain models of commercial radios (the kind used by fire and police) that are legal to use on GMRS, and can transmit these MDC1220 ‘squawk’ tones to digitally identify the sender of a transmission.

This is wholly unnecessary as it is an FCC rule that every GMRS operator identify themselves (via voice) anyway. There is nothing in the GMRS rules that allow these tones. I’ll probably upset a few if I mention that I feel using these squawk tones is just the equivalent of GMRS chest thumping. (Oops). Don’t worry, we’ve all done it at one time or another. It’s just passe.

I suspect my friend, WQVS960 is simply heading off future inquiries from GMRS operators on the swcrs system by posting this exchange with the FCC. Cut ’em off at the pass. Good thinking.

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