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If you’ve reading my main blog page – you can see I’m still busy with music projects and web development. So, I’ve not been on radio as much as I usually am. It’s all of a cycle, though. I seem to rotate through my hobbies, revisiting old friends that I haven’t played with in awhile. Soon enough though, the wheel turns and I’m on to the next thing.

I guess this rotation of hobbies has something to do with the mind’s attention span. You can only focus on so many thing at one time, so some of those things tend to fall to the wayside. It doesn’t mean you have lost your interest, it just means your head is full and so something has to pop out.

Motorcycling season is upon us. I wonder which of my hobbies will take the hit now? Maybe web development work? Who knows? But I’m still managing to check into a few ham nets here and there, letting folks know that i’m still out there kicking. I made the Caravan Club tonight. It’s a start…

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