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Big Bada Booming Bass (Fixed)

Flying blind? For the past couple of months, since I’ve upgraded my old 2016 PC to Windows 11, I’ve been flying blind with my studio monitors. The re-imaging of my PC meant I lost a few things, and my speaker correction files was one of those. Let me explain. Studio monitors are great in that they provide a stable, even audio reference for audio mixing and mastering work. What the problem is with monitors (in

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Bach – Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G Major

Go for Baroque! Something different here. Bach was certainly a prodigious composer, and this concerto piece shows something other than the usual organ work. The piece is played by three violins, a viola, a cello, and a violone. The violone is an early predecessor of the double bass. I don’t happen to have a sample library of one and they are rare to begin with, so I’ve substituted a double bass for it. Enjoy.

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Ach, was soll ich Sünder machen BVW 770

“Oh, what should I do, sinners” Here is the organ piece I promised in the previous post. It was an interesting short little project. It is a chorale church piece to accompany a choir, by J.S, Bach. The way the source originator put together the project in MuseScore was not what I expected. This was created as a multi-part composition where, in addition to an organ staff, there was a staff for each of the

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Leeds Town Hall Organ

Here are a couple of CD recordings I made last year of various organ works by J.S. Bach, but never got around to posting them. It is interesting to note that there are hundreds of organ-works in the J.S. Bach catalog. I thought it would be fun to bring some of these to life on the computer. All the sheet music material for the CD’s was sourced from MuseScore, as usual. I don’t have much

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An étude is a musical composition intended to be a solo ‘study’ of a performance technique. These are practice pieces designed to teach a particular musical technique, although many classical Études are now considered to be concert pieces and are performed as such. In this post we take a look at Chopin’s Études, Op. 10, 1-12. These are twelve pieces that each expound on a different musical technique such as trills, fast tuplets, and various

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Hard Drive FAIL!

Yep, one of the hard drives on my desktop PC started going bad. I noticed it when checking through my backup logs. A couple of entries noted a unrecoverable read error. This wasn’t a read error of the backup drive, but of the source drive I was backing up. I used a couple of specialized tools to diagnose the failing hard drive – Seagate’s SeaTools, and a freeware tool named HDSCAN. This drive would sometimes

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