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Social logins accepted…

I think one of the biggest hassles of today is the need to store dozens of passwords for all of the web sites sites that you can visit. It’s hard to manage all that.

To deal with it, I use the KeePass password manager (available here). It safely encrypts and stores all of your passwords.  I’ve got it setup on both my smartphone and my desktop computer – and they both stay synchronized automatically. I can’t say enough good things about KeePass. Contact me if you need help with it.

But…back on point, here.

One of the things webmasters can do to help stem the tide (of the proliferation of passwords) is to take advantage of of social media platforms which allow you to work off of their login capability, and that’s what I’m doing here.   The vernacular is called Single Sign On

First up is is a Facebook login capability. I plan on adding at least Google and Twitter, but others may come as time allows. I have to go to each service and register with them individually, and this takes time.

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