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Seeing the end of the tunnel

I’m getting more customization done on this website, and I can see myself eventually getting to a point to where I can focus on content. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m starting on getting a custom look for my galleries.

I think it’s been helpful to adopt an incremental approach to assembling this website. I tend to get too worked up if I try to do everything at once. Spending small amounts of time here and there allows me to discover new things about WordPress and the Elementor page builder without all the anxiety. Today, I figured out how Elementor sees pages and posts, and whether or not it will uses the theme’s page canvas or not. It’s was also relevant to understand the difference between a page and a post. Since I’m using Envira Gallery to manage my photography albums and galleries, it’s also important to note how these are seen by the WordPress system. It’s starting to make more sense. A good place for newbies like me to gather useful information on WordPress is

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