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In the middle of Nowhere…

Sorry, no posts here lately – I’ve been very busy building a prototype web site for my local Knights Of Columbus council. There’s a lot of work in setting up a membership WordPress web site – which is the type the Knights will need. WordPress is powerful, but it’s just about useless without additional plugins to provide all the features we’ve come to expect in a modern website. There are thousands of plugins, and sorting though the ones most applicable to the task at hand is a huge undertaking.

Back on topic..

While riding on Frost Road, east of NM RT 337, in the middle of nowhere, I run into three guys with a softbox mounted on a studio monolight strobe, in THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD.

This location truly was in the middle of nowhere, somewhere between Rt 377 and Rt 41. I assumed these guys were photography students as they seemed quite young, and since running a monolight on a 120v inverter pack is considered old school, they must be using their school’s equipment. That, or they’re really frugal, because all the cool kid pro’s run portable lithium-ion powered gear outdoors these days. Too bad I can’t afford such gear. (And I’m not even a millennial) sniff..?

On the plus side – It was an interesting location (which is why I happened to be riding my MC there) and it was the Golden Hour

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