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Here’s some unusual notation that gave me pause. Yes those ‘3’s above the notes indicate triplets, but the triplets are not shown with brackets. After scratching my head, I realized that there were no brackets because of the slashes, and since the beamed group is eighth notes, the indicates 16ths. Therefore, what this means is that these are 16th triplets. I had to go into the midi representation of these notes and manually split them into 16th triplets, then go back and tell Cubase to display them as slashed eights. The Simile directive simply means “same”. This means to treat the following measure the same as 16th triplets. It is important to note that the simile is cancelled once the basic notation changes, i.e, switching to double slashes would mean 32nd notes and if lacking the ‘3’s explicitly at the changed measure would mean no triplets (triplets cancelled).

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