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Today’s job is getting the motorcycles cleaned up. I’m about 85 percent done. I have the three bikes all washed, one of them waxed. Will finish them off tomorrow. One thing that really bothers me though is the way people can be simply outright careless about things. I cannot say for sure whom, but there is a nick on the right saddlebag of my Can-Am Spyder. Damn. It is not that I cannot live with life’s little mistakes, it is that some people can be simply apathetic about their own carelessness. That is what hurts more – apathy and/or ignorance.


I found a great cache of orchestral musical score data at It is an academic and curated site compared to, which is an open forum where any old joe can post up a score for something. Unfortunately for me, the data at is in musedata *.md form, which I have nothing to translate right now.

Musedata is an early music information file format predating .musicxml, which derived from it. Musescore (the notation program) (supposedly) can import these .md formatted scores, but after attempting it here, no dice. Musescore crashes every time.

So, my next venture will be to try the python-based software I found at – “a toolkit for computer-aided musicology”. Another academic/egghead site. Looks like they can translate between a whole raft of strange and obsolete formats. Just the ticket I need. Their tools are python language based, but this ought not be a barrier to a retired C++ programmer.

I have been avoiding python for years. Not that it is a terrible thing, it is just I am afraid I will like it too much. Then, I will have to split my time between it, music, motorcycling/wrenching, photography, ham radio, etc. You see where this is going, right? I have too many irons in the (hobbies) fire as it is. Besides, python would be a Busman’s Holiday for me…

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