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MuseScore Ups its Game!

Version 4.0 is out!

Wowser! It has been a couple of years since MuseScore has had an update – so this is very big news indeed. They have completely revamped a lot of the MuseScore application code to something a bit more maintainable and fit for future updates. The user interface has been updated to more modern standards – which is welcome – the old version had that crusty Qt-widgets, ‘Linux-y’ look we all know (and can’t stand). Not only have they updated the application; they have updated their orchestral sound libraries as well! What a huge improvement – Finally, orchestral instruments with proper legato! No more ‘machine gun’ sounding slash notes and staccatos.

Really, the new sound default ‘Muse Sound’ orchestral libraries, plus their new audio engine and its ability to use VST instruments and effects is a huge leap forward for MuseScore. I am totally floored by all the improvements they have made.

Still, they have a bit of a way to go to come up to the level of Dorico in terms of capability. Certain things, like being able to condense scores and consistent key-stroke command mapping might keep some away.

For me though, I am sticking with Dorico – I made the investment in it, am comfortable with it, and I do take advantage of its unique and advanced features. However, the average Joe who needs something to score and print everyday music will find that MuseScore is just about all he needs.

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