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And Finally – The Planets

The Planets, Op. 32, Gustav Holst. 1918

This symphony project took me about six weeks to complete. The score for it I obtained from, of course, MuseScore. This is the most difficult and ambitious piece of work I have ever attempted to date. In previous posts, you can see some of the trials and tribulations I endured while producing.

This performance will sound best on regular speakers or headphones – computer speakers won’t do it justice.

The piece sounds a bit like movie music or the Star Wars movie entrance theme. In fact, The Planets was the inspiration and a temporary stand-in for the music being composed by John Williams for the Star Wars film. Holst’s music was a bit ahead of its time -inaugural performance only played three movements of the piece as it was thought that was the most an audience of the time could take in one sitting.

Gustav Holst wrote other musical pieces as well, but this is the only one that he is well-known for. It bothered him to the point of distraction.

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