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Symphony No. 5 Op.67

L.v Beethoven – Symphony No. 5 Op 67

I am impressed with the mastering on this piece. I managed to give a sonic sheen to the string section and make them feel more alive. I have not been that excited in a long time when it comes to mastering audio,

I’ve put this piece on the Italy tour photo page as well – it can play in the background while you browse the photo collection there.

I had finished transcribing Beethoven’s 5th symphony just before I left for my Italy trip, but din’t have time to render it to audio. Since I’ve returned from that trip, the audio for it was rendered (Dorico) then mastered in WaveLab. I really like the WaveLab application. I decided to purchase Wavelab it after it was recently updated, and at the same time Magix updated their Sound Forge audio editing/mastering application. It was not cheap to buy, but it is a quite bit more powerful tool than Sound Forge. I simply tired of Magix’ annual cash grab for trivial improvement.

Magix took over product development of Sound Forge from Sony Creative Software years ago after Sony divested itself of (nearly) all its media software, excepting their Catalyst video editing software. I have owned and used Sound Forge for many, many years, but have found that feature upgrades for it are typically minimal – you are much better off skipping 2 or 3 upgrade cycles rather than wasting your money on each one. This is because Magix’ upgrade offers are not discounted that much, (despite their loud/shouting/text sales advertisements.

Sure, Steinberg’s Wavelab costs more upfront than Magix’ Sound Forge, (not by much though), but their annual upgrades are much less costly, and the product is more capable. I figured that the skipped Sound Forge upgrades more than paid for the cost of switching to WaveLab.

Next Up: a Piano/Orchestra piece from Chopin. In progress.

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